How To

HackBoon game hacks are super easy and straight forward to use. To generate resources to any game using our free to use generator, users have to follow the detailed steps below.

  • Visit the official game hack page – The game hack page should be linked to from the post
  • Enter your in-game username- Registration emails could also be used
  • Select the amount of items needed- Use the drop down menu to pick the sufficient amount of resources you need.
  • Click generate – Wait for a few seconds for username confirmation
Human Verification

This was put in place to prevent massive automated abuse on our generators. In the past we have experienced downtime as users were abusing our free hacks by sending automated requests with bots. We have then placed a safeguard to help prevent such attacks thus guaranteeing 99.9% uptime for all users.

To bypass Human Verification and complete the hack the following steps has to be followed.

  • Click on a free offer to complete
  • If on a mobile device, simply install and run an app for 10 minutes
  • Complete offers with valid info to ensure completion
  • Resources would be added once offer has been complete

Contact Us if you have problems with completing offers